This image symbolizes the inception of my vision, marking the moment when I embarked on the path of a graphic designer. It was with this logo that I first established my business identity, and for three years, it served as the visual representation of my brand. However, as time went on, I recognized the need for a rejuvenated appearance, a fresh look that would better capture the essence of my evolving business.
With the intention of giving my business a fresh and updated image, I embarked on a rebranding journey that involved redesigning my logo and other visual elements. What you see before you now is the culmination of that process—a representation of my vision and the essence of my brand.
After successfully rebranding with a new logo, I decided to take it a step further. Recently, I have introduced a variation where a personalized bitmoji mascot is occasionally incorporated alongside the new logo in the designs I create to promote my business. This addition has added a touch of uniqueness and personality, making my marketing materials more engaging and memorable for potential clients.
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